Home Studio

Situated at the rear of the property in Fitzroy North, the studio can be accessed via a bluestone laneway or from the rear garden of the main house.

We designed it to be a simple, functional building that complements the existing family home. The studio features a carport, a bathroom, and a studio space. The upper level provides views across the rooftops of Fitzroy North.

To conserve water, we concealed rainwater tanks on both sides of the building. The garden between the original house and studio is a unique feature of the project.

The two buildings enclose the garden, creating a special space that connects them. The builders, a father and son team, were committed to attention to detail, despite COVID-related delays, Cardross Builders took on the challenge with enthusiasm and dedication.

In the carport area, we designed a lofty ceiling that can accommodate storage for sports equipment like bikes and surfboards. We made provisions for hoists to be installed, allowing items to be hung over the car. To ensure that cars can turn into the narrow laneway, we took extra care with the design.

For the external cladding, we chose Shou Sugi Ban, a traditional Japanese method of charring timber to protect it against weathering. This material is highly resilient and can withstand sun, wind, and rain.

The horizontal crossbeams attached on top of the cladding will provide support for vines to grow up the facade.

Overall, this project is an example of our commitment to functional, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing design.

Project Team
Niea Nadya
Project Type
Home Studio
Fitzroy North / City of Yarra
Cardross Builders – Duncan
Building Surveyor
GE Building Surveyors
Land Surveyor
Adept Surveying – Jeremey Pearce
Structural Engineer
Maurice Farrugia & Associates
View from laneway, entrance to undercover carport

View from laneway, entrance to undercover carport

Internal staircase and window onto garden, Fitzroy North Studio

Internal staircase and window onto garden, Home Studio

Warm, multi-dimnensional lighting provides intimacy

Warm, multi-dimnensional lighting provides intimacy

Client Brief
Studio, Bathroom, 1 Under Cover Car Space
Building Area
Energy Rating
Deemed To Satisfy
Main Materials
Timber, Shou Sugi Ban Cladding
Katya Menshikova