garden house courtyard

Garden House

The Garden House project in Fitzroy North was a modest renovation of a single-fronted duplex.
The original Edwardian cottage was soundly built, which meant that the front section required only maintenance works and minor
refurbishment. An elegant dining area now opens up the house to the garden and northern aspect. The roof was extended to shelter an outdoor eating area and shield the house from direct sunlight. The rear of the house now contains a laundry, bathroom and kitchen. Part of this project was a small studio for working and hobby activities. This was carefully designed to maximise sunlight to the garden, which was meticulously designed by Jackie McWilliam of Avantgardener. While the house provides all the modern creature comforts, the garden sustains the owner’s sense of wellbeing. During the recent lockdown periods the renovated house provided a delightful workplace, home and garden – making staying at home less stressful and more enjoyable.