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Our Process

Our strength as an architectural practice is our design process. It drives the practice and it enriches the projects that we deliver on a consistent basis. We communicate regularly and clearly to our clients, builders and consultants so that we are not side tracked on issues that will not assist the overall outcome. We respond to concerns and questions as soon as they arise and we work to ensure that the relationships – especially builders and clients – are maintained throughout the project. Issues are resolved and where needed we provide advice and actions to ensure that the interests of the project is not compromised.

What Is Passive House?

Passive House is relevant to any climate, but the other question I’ve been asked is: “Is it relevant to our lifestyle?” Australians love the outdoors, and on beautiful sunny days all we want to do is throw open the doors and windows and leave them that way. Contrary to popular belief, there’s absolutely nothing stopping this in a Passive House. But when it gets bitterly cold or stinking hot, a Passive House will let you close everything up, keep the heat in (or out), and still have a constant supply of fresh outdoor air. A well-designed Passive House gives the occupant total control over internal comfort, with minimal energy use.