When walking around the inner-north of Melbourne, it isn’t uncommon to come across the occasional warehouse. Often these warehouses are cleared to make way for new apartment complexes, and we see our industrial past begin to fade away. At DiMase Architects, when we see some of these warehouses torn down, we can’t help but think of the missed opportunities or potential to create something unique, sustainable, truly Melbourne, and respectful of the area’s roots. The Collingwood Warehouse project is a prime example of re-use in action and heritage being preserved. This is a residence, with character and personality expressed in a subtle way. The new residence co-exists in the warehouse shell – they are in a complementary relationship. The timber structure is expressed through the highlighting of the original beams and trusses, and the clear rational aesthetic echoes the warehouse’s initial purpose. The design also supports the client’s art collection, and the functional needs for a modern couple.

Collingwood Warehouse

  • Year: 2008
  • Location: Collingwood
  • Builder: Aztec Builders

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