At DiMase Architects we understand it is not necessary to pull down and rebuild buildings to achieve a meaningful outcome.

Our work for Traralgon Primary School saw us refurbish and renovate a tired 1960s Light Timber Frame Construction (LTC) building to be more functional, flexible and interesting. We converted existing classrooms into larger spaces that could be connected to other classrooms and created more intimate spaces for small group learning and individual tuition. Alongside this work we also connected two buildings with an external walkway, rejuvenated the central passageway and created new store room facilities to enhance the functioning capabilities of the school.

The impact of the work cannot be underestimated and it goes to the collaborative efforts of the school community, our client and the builders (DUCON Maintenance) who helped to create these new spaces. The new classrooms suit teachers’ needs for flexibiilty, which is tremendously important to the modern curriculum.

We were able to re-use and re-imagine the spaces that existed for about fifty years as something different, modern and refreshing. On a modest budget we were able to enhance the variety of spaces, as well as create warm intimate and stimulating spaces to enable the teachers and students to enjoy their time at this school.

Throughout the project – from masterplanning stage through to practical completion – we worked closely with our client, the Victorian School Building Authority, the school community and the builder (DUCON Maintenance) to ensure we met their budget, timelines and reporting requirements. For us it once again proves that we do not need to tear down existing facilities to create a new stimulating environment for our clients.

Traralgon Primary School

  • Year: 2018
  • Location: Traralgon
  • Builder: DUCON Maintenance
  • Photos: Trevor Mein

Traralgon Primary School - Stage 1