As a result of some earlier work at Traralgon (Liddiard Road) Primary School, DiMase Architects were asked to design a permanent modular classroom building for the junior students.

We worked closely with KL Modular to understand the unique requirements of constructing a building off site, including transport requirements and installation constraints. Off site construction provided significant benefits for the school – minimising disruption to school activities and delivering significant cost savings.

Our role was to cleverly design a building that fitted into the existing environment of the school, and fully met the needs of the school community. Inside the module we created two large spaces that could be connected or separated as needed, as well as a set of alcoves in which smaller groups could engage in learning and play activities while still being connected to other learning and teaching groups. We also created spaces in and around the building that enabled the children to explore, play and learn.

The collaboration with KL Modular was rewarding and insightful, giving us a sound understanding of the benefits, constraints and opportunities of this form of project procurement. In addition to our design role, we provided advice on consultants and due to our familiarity with the school environment we were able to explain to KL Modular key features of the site and existing infrastructure.

For the children and staff there is a sense that the school has been renewed and that the light filled spaces foster a better place to teach children entering the school for the first time.

Traralgon Primary School - Stage 1

  • Year: 2018
  • Location: Tralagon
  • Builder: KL Modular (KLMS)
  • Photos: Trevor Mein

Traralgon Primary School