05 | 2015:- Beach Studio

Having refurbished our client’s coastal retreat on the same block, we were asked to complete a second project – transforming the existing tool shed into the ultimate ‘man cave’. Well, family cave anyway. A detached entertainment space/rumpus room for friends and family and, most importantly, for kids to be kids. On the ground level, the design incorporated storage space for tools, sports gear and accessories, a work bench and the space for two cars in an attached carport. The upstairs space remained free of a set function. It was just a place to hang out: to watch television, play pool or just muck around. The corner window became the place to enjoy a book, have a catnap in the sunlight or just stare out at the night.

The building has been beautifully crafted so that it can be opened and closed as desired.To achieve a relaxed feel, we combined the rawness of materials like concrete and natural timber with more contemporary choices of perspex and carpet tiles made from recycled materials. This created a homely yet sturdy vibe. There is a warmth and richness to the timber linings internally and externally. Due to the delicacy and fire-prone nature of the surrounding landscape, the design and construction of the studio needed to meet strict bushfire regulations. The timber windows and external cladding were selected to perform well under bushfire conditions.

After the demolition of the original brick shed, bricks were salvaged and cleaned on site for re-use. The early discovery of a number of bricks painted bright blue led to these being incorporated into the new building, us working with the bricklayer on site to incorporate them in a way that worked aesthetically. What was created with this project was a statement of generosity – a place for kids and family to enjoy the surrounds and each other’s company. Whilst it is a functional building, it is really a place to daydream and watch the world go by.

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