Richmond Studio

As kids are staying at home longer and longer many families are looking for ways in which members of different generations can live on the one block with a degree of self-sufficiency and privacy. This recent project gives an architecture student his own ‘pad’ in the back garden of his parents’ house – a place to relax, study or hang out with friends.

The studio is fully self-contained, with a small galley kitchen, bathroom, study area + bedroom. Downstairs, parking for one car is provided as well as storage for those miscellaneous shed-items. Whilst the interior is modern and clean, the exterior has been treated to meet strict planning requirements and meet neighbourhood character. The addition of the studio also heightened the security of the property, as the studio limits access from the rear laneway.

The Richmond Studio is a good example of a site being fully utilised – a young adult can still remain at home but not be dependent on parents for essential items or services.

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