Park House is a new low energy residence that is located adjacent to All Nations Park in Northcote. We are currently providing information to achieve Low Energy Building Certification from Passive House Institute. Our aspiration was to achieve Passive House Classic accreditation however, we fell short of the air tightness test. We achieved an air tightness of 0.088 instead of 0.06 – which while disappointing is far better than most Australian homes. What we know in the short time the owners have been in the house is is that the interior spaces are very comfortable and quiet. Our approach to this project was clear from the outset: – we wanted a dwelling to look and feel like it belonged in the park setting. We deliberately wanted to create a dwelling that engaged with the park and not dominate its setting. Our approach was to create a set of spaces that allowed the owners to move in and around the building and enjoy different aspects and virtues of the dwelling and the garden.

This project is for our practice a really special project. The relationship we built with the client, consultants and contractors were incredibly important and worthwhile. They provided us as architects great insight into collaborative and cooperative processes. This process delivered the client and the community a building that does everything you would expect from a house. It is something we aspire to do with all of our projects.

These images are a record of the handover of the project and as the furniture and art collection finds its rightful place we will showcase some more images of the house as a lived experience.

Park House

  • Year: 2021
  • Location: Northcote
  • Builder: Appetite for Construction
  • Photos: Katya Menshikova

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