The project started as a referral from a colleague to look at the potential of the dwelling when our client was deciding to purchase the property. We had coincidentally renovated the property next door a several years earlier – so we understood the potential issues of the property. Our advice was unequivocal from the outset – the original property would deliver a great outcome for the owners. The location, orientation and amenities made this project a worthwhile one for our clients to purchase and develop as a family home.

Our role in the design of the project was to manage the process from beginning to end. And our impetus for the project was to connect the front to back by creating a seamless transition between living room and the garden. However more than anything we wanted to create a place that once you entered – you feel calm and connected to the garden. We endeavoured to create a place where you can breathe out and enjoy being at home, in a place where the magic of daylight and garden can take effect.

Through the entire process we worked with a highly professional builder to deliver a project that restores the original dwelling whilst achieving a high environmental outcome for our clients.

We could not be happier with the outcome.

Fitzroy House

  • Year: 2020
  • Location: Fitzroy
  • Builder: Project Living - Chris Aliferis
  • Photos: Trevor Mein

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