The team at DiMase Architects is about collaboration whilst individuals take personal responsibility for projects and specific tasks. Our team works together on key elements of projects and management of projects – however individuals take the lead in delivering specific projects on behalf of our clients. We never take on too much work – so that we can deliver the best outcome for each project. Each member plays to their strengths while sharing their knowledge of creativity, professionalism and sustainability with each other.

Our processes provide each of us with clear roles, while our practice culture ensures that communication and ideas flow freely around the office environment. We continually improve our skills and knowledge, by regularly attending seminars and conferences as well as enrolling in formal coursework. In recent years the topics Antony has pursued Lighting Design, Passive House Design Principles and attended Architecture Conferences.

Niea regularly invite Suppliers and Sub-Contractors to better understand materials and building systems to assist them in their work. With each new project on site Antony ensures that each team member attends regular site meetings and explains issues that occur on site as a way of sharing information within the practice. We regularly invite suppliers and specialist tradespeople into our office and learn about new developments in the building industrial . And we maintain and update a trade library that is relevant to our needs and our experience. Our team is a core strength. We aim to provide a friendly and professional service to our clients. And we pride ourselves on always making visitors to our office feel warmly welcomed by the team.

Practice Director

Antony is a practising architect whose main role at DiMase Architects is to ensure the practice delivers projects that meets the needs of our clients. Antony’s role is to communicate and co-ordinate the projects within the practice, oversee the work of the team and ensure consultants, builders and suppliers are fulfilling their roles on specific projects. Antony is particularly interested in the management of the practice – to this end Antony has been developing a Practice Management System that meets the requirements of ISO-9001 standard. Antony is also interested in Sustainability and Daylight Design as a way to supplement the architectural content of the architecture projects of the practice.
Antony’s CV (pdf)

Project Draftsperson

Niea has been with DiMase Architects for about 8 years and she has consistently provided architectural design and documentation packages that are clear and easy to understand. Niea’s role within the practice has been to ensure the design work of the practice translates into workable solutions that meets the needs of the client and expectations of builders. Niea’s strength has been her ability to communicate through drawings and has used Computer Aided Design to maximum effect. All of our design drawings are accurately modelled in Vectorworks and this becomes the basis for communicating our design intent to Builders, Clients and Sub-Contractors. Niea has been integral to the development and refinement of the design and documentation package that we have created at DiMase Architects.