We understand that working with an architect is an important relationship to achieving a positive outcome. As such we have structured our design services as a staged, logical and transparent process. The aim is to enable our clients to understand, trust and enjoy the design process to achieve the outcome they desire.

Our core services are aligned with the Australian Institute of Architects – Client Architect Agreement for Professional Services – which defines a well-proven client-architect relationship. This provides our clients with a reference framework for their project and ensure that we deliver architectural services based on industry standards and pricing.

Our core architectural services include: –

  • Stage 1 Concept Design,
  • Stage 2 Detail Design,
  • Stage 3 Town Planning Applications,
  • Stage 4 Contract Documentation,
  • Stage 5 Contract Negotiations,
  • Stage 6 Contract Administration.

These 6 stages (or milestones) take a project from being an idea to a design concept through to gaining the necessary permits and then guiding the contract with the builder to realise an outcome that meets your aspirations. Before starting the design process we will engage in a pre-design service to look at high level considerations for any project. We will consider, budget, planning issues and high level design considerations to ensure each commission can be realised. We will report our considerations to the client and highlight any areas of concern before venturing into a project.

Our core services are delivered in a professional and friendly fashion. With each project we apply our experience and learnings from previous projects to improve the service we deliver to our clients.

Our fees for stages 1 to 4 are a percentage of the construction cost. the Construction Cost is estimated by a Cost Planner at the end of concept design and detail design stages. Our fee for stages 5 and 6 are based on the time needed to complete the project.

We put in place a clear client-architect agreement before commencing our services to ensure that our clients agree and understand the basis of our engagement.

Outside of our architectural team at DiMase Architects we utilise the services of consultants for each project. Our preferred consultants have been part of our extended team and they provide specialist independent advice based on the needs of each project. As each project is different we determine which consultants will be needed for each project. We generally provide 2 options for each consultant as well as providing our opinion to make the right decision based on the needs of the project.

Clear Outcomes
From your first conversation with us, our aim is that you will understand the ‘who, what and when’ of the process, including what the costs will be and when they will be payable. As we progress, we will explain how the process works and the key decisions that need to be made before we progress further. Each stage will have defined outcomes and a transparent fee structure based on the specifics of your project, and you will have the opportunity to sign-off on each stage before we move on to the next.

Collaborative Approach
While we take the lead in the creative design process, we also work to include our clients and consultants in the discussion. This communication is facilitated via workshops, meetings, email and phone conversations to ensure the progress of design is clearly communicated and understood. This communication starts from our first meeting, and will continue right through until after completion.