Our Process

Our strength as an architectural practice is our design process. It drives the practice and it enriches the projects that we deliver on a consistent basis. We communicate regularly and clearly to our clients, builders and consultants so that we are not side tracked on issues that will not assist the overall outcome. We respond to concerns and questions as soon as they arise and we work to ensure that the relationships – especially builders and clients – are maintained throughout the project. Issues are resolved and where needed we provide advice and actions to ensure that the interests of the project is not compromised.

15 Jun 2018

Pre-Design Services

Pre-Design is such an integral and often overlooked stage of the design process that, when conducted well, results in a far more transparent architect-client relationship, a greater understanding of the project for all and a well sought smooth design and construction process.

24 May 2018


Design is a process of conceiving ideas and testing those ideas against a range of parameters. It is often the testing of ideas and the scrutiny of project parameters that ensure that the model is fit for purpose when the project is realised. In building projects – which are highly complex – it is important that clients, architects and builders allow for a contingency.

13 Apr 2018

ISO-9001 Accreditation

Last week we completed the Stage 2 Audit of our practice to attain ISO-9001 accreditation. This milestone represents 2 years’ work in the background to align our services to the requirements of this management system.

11 Mar 2018

What Does The Design Process Look Like?

The design process is integral to the form of buildings and spaces and it is essential to the creation of architecture.
So, what does the design process look like? Where do ideas for buildings and spaces come from? How does the design process itself determine the shape and form of the project.

6 Nov 2017

Gezellig House Illustrated Design with shading

Cost Planning For Projects

Why do we so often hear about project budgets being blown out of the water? Well, Antony discusses the lack of consideration given to Cost Planning early on in the design process and highlights the necessity of effective Cost Planning in any house architecture project, and how to do it.

30 May 2016

Sanctuary Magazine

We are proud to announce that our Gezellig House, also known as the Passive Warehouse, has been featured in the latest edition of Sanctuary Magazine.

26 Feb 2016

What Is Passive House?

Passive House is relevant to any climate, but the other question I’ve been asked is: “Is it relevant to our lifestyle?” Australians love the outdoors, and on beautiful sunny days all we want to do is throw open the doors and windows and leave them that way. Contrary to popular belief, there’s absolutely nothing stopping this in a Passive House. But when it gets bitterly cold or stinking hot, a Passive House will let you close everything up, keep the heat in (or out), and still have a constant supply of fresh outdoor air. A well-designed Passive House gives the occupant total control over internal comfort, with minimal energy use.

21 Dec 2015

Live small terrace House extension, brick and timber cladding.

Design More, Consume Less, Live Small

Graduate in the office Katie writes about one of her design passions: compact housing. Small footprint housing can sometimes get a bad rap, so this blog briefly looks at the small housing movement: a positive way to look at designing more, consuming less and living small!

25 Jul 2014


Architectural Fees

Architectural fees – the often ambiguous side of architecture. How do they come about, what are they based on, and what challenges face the Australian and Melbourne architecture industry in the current climate of fee setting – a very interesting and simple to understand piece by Antony, suitable for both consumers and providers.

6 Jul 2014