Universal Light Article

Antony recently contributed to edition #3 of Universal Light by @unioslight. In the article, Antony discusses the progression of daylighting and the effect light has on the well-being of the occupant.

“Lighting plays an essential role in the way people experience and understand the world around them and particularly plays a significant role in the way they perceive architecture. Whether buildings and structures are illuminated naturally or artificially, lighting is the means that allows humans to see and appreciate the beauty in buildings.”

Antony thoroughly enjoyed contributing to the third edition of Universal Light by @unioslight. With contributions from leading designers, consultants and lighting experts all over the world, Universal Light 03 has come to life. In this edition, I will share insight on daylighting design and how analysation and observation is key to a successful outcome.

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People thrive on daylight, as it is vital to our health and triggers non-visual pathways and circadian rhythms. Given natural lighting has multiple human and environmental benefits, it is no surprise why daylighting has always played such an integral role to architecture. A successful daylighting outcome will mostly house – and bring light in from different directions so that the flow of light is evenly distributed throughout the day. As each situation is different, designers should respond according to the needs of the building programme, location and function of the space. “My idea is to bring light into spaces to enhance the experience of the space and to enjoy the subtle shifts of light as they occur throughout the day,” remarks Antony. He explains that the process requires an analysis of the existing conditions and from there, will provide a response that enhances the flow of light into the space.