The Grand Section

We thoroughly enjoyed celebrating the incredible journey undertaken by The Grand Section on Friday evening for our June shopfront exhibition.

The Grand Section duo, Owen and Bobbie, wanted to study their own country as a precedent for architecture rather than the traditional American or classical influences.

These non-cyclists rode their push bikes 7650km over 10 months, had 19 ‘stops’, 19 exhibitions, pedaled 6,303,600 times, had an encounter with one aggressive horse, 12.5 punctures and zero ‘psychopaths’, all in one pair of shoes at an average of 12.5km/hour.

“Girthy; with Slim Edges” is an exhibition showcasing their year-long study of Australia’s architecture, east to west. Broadening the conversation about architecture and Australia, and giving insight into the reality of the regional and remote areas of this country and the connection between environments, people and buildings.