Doyenne Interview with Niea

Niea’s Interview with Bridget Nathan from The Doyenne Interviews

“The Doyenne Interviews is a podcast that aims to celebrate the careers of outstanding and admirable women, to learn a thing or two about their ways of life and personal outlooks. Join us on this journey as the first season looks at Women in Architecure and the challenges and opportunities that come with making space.”

Moving from Indonesia to Melbourne to study design Niea Nadya has an interesting story. Encouraged to pursue design by her due to her clever sketch illustrations, Niea would assist in design of weekly wedding outfits worn by her mother. Discussing how difficult it was to move from American to ‘Australian’ English, Niea offers an interesting perspective in regards to living and working in Australia. I hope you enjoy this funny episode as much as we did!”
- The Doyenne Interviews

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