Shopfront Window Exhibition - September

It was a wonderful evening celebrating ‘Miss Kraken & Other Oddities’ – an inspired exhibition by Nicki Greenberg, here at DiMase Architects.

Nicki Greenberg is an award-winning author and illustrator with a lifelong affinity for strange creatures. Goggle-eyed oddities populate her books – and they don’t come much odder than the mysterious Miss Kraken, a lugubrious giant octopus tasked with teaching a class of terrible children. Four years ago Nicki took up crochet, with the sole aim of making… mushrooms. Dozens of fungi and foodstuffs later, she was inspired to turn her hook to one of her favourite subjects: octopuses, squids and cuttlefish. The result is a fantastical menagerie of spangly cephalopods, fitting companions for the long-suffering Miss Kraken. Also featuring in this exhibition are Nicki’s limited edition giclee prints. These are drawn from a range of her picture books including the exuberant Bitsy and Meerkat Choir.

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