Shopfront Window Exhibition - October

Our October shopfront exhibition featured AMERICANA – an inspired work by Rob Follis.

Rob Follis is a Fitzroy North local, Father, Tech Journalist, Design Fan, Martini Lover and avid reader of Science Fiction. A Central Londoner born & bred, he now happily lives in Melbourne with his wife Andrea and 11 year old son Tom. He takes photos too.

Robert Says:
“I started taking pictures around the age of six, with a variety of roll film cameras inherited from my parents. Many and various cameras followed and at age 16 while working in telecoms, I saved for a year to buy my first serious professional SLR camera a Minolta SR101.

After a ten year career, I gave up professional photography and hardly touched a camera for years. In the 80s I travelled extensively in the USA and The Far East and the exposure to fascinating new landscapes and cultures rekindled an enthusiasm that remains undimmed.

These days I work with whatever camera I have to hand, often an iPhone, sometimes a huge Nikon D810 outfit and when travelling a Fuji X100. But it is not the camera that is important, just the eye behind it. It drives me nuts when people admire a photo and say “Ooh! you must have a good camera”

America has always fascinated me, the vast landscapes, the iconic cities and the insane styling of US Cars in the 50s to 70s. The photos on show represent a very small selection from my archives.

This the first time I have shown any to the outside world. I hope you like them and many thanks to Antony and the team at DiMase Architects for giving me the chance.”

Photographs from the opening by Katya Menshikova