Shopfront Window Exhibition - August

It was a wonderful evening celebrating ‘ Womanly’ – an inspired exhibition by Amy Simpson & Emma Cutrie, here at DiMase Architects.

Amy Simpson:
Glass, as a medium, provides an array of exciting and perspective altering possibilities: colour becomes vivid projecting beyond the surface of the artwork, whilst abstracted motifs are enhanced by the unique qualities of the material. The bold nature of line, colour, and texture inherent in lead line work, marries beautifully with the cubist and hard-edged style of abstraction that Amy is inspired by.
Having recently been an exhibitor in the Friends and Associates AGM Design Showcase, at the Melbourne Meat Market, North Melbourne in June; Amy displayed abstract wall sconces. In the spirit of exploration, Amy has chosen to exhibit a figurative collection at the DiMase shopfront gallery space. The use of a classical reference to the female figure has been a growing and reoccurring interest in Amy’s career as she weaves through abstract and figurative motives.

Amy is excited to announce a collaboration with the brilliant Northcote based artist, Emma Cutrie. Emma has produced the design being shown for the first time at Dimase in the form of a leadlight, classic to her style; to sit along side Amy’s Homage to Matisse, formerly exhibited at Cam’s Gallery in the convent.

Simpson’s work is the result of re-imagining a classic material; giving an age-old process a contemporary edge. To view more of her work visit her instagram page: @amysimpsonglass

Emma Cutrie:
Working within the familiarity of a classical subject matter, Emma’s paintings utilise shape and colour to reinterpret the female nude. Emma’s work is rooted in raw thematics of femininity and physical identity. At once highly representational and at the same time abstract in their faceted, flat planes of colour, her pieces play on the predictability of conventional representation of the female form in art while subverting the male gaze. The overtly feminine palette and soft curves of the female figures, juxtaposed with hard angles and straight lines bring to focus a celebration of the strength and vulnerability of womanhood.

Emma Cutrie is a painter and illustrator based in Melbourne where she lives with her partner and two dogs. To view more of her work visit her instagram page: @emmacutrie

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These photos were captured by Katya Menshikova.