SHOPFRONT-342:- The Art of the Built Environment

SHOPFRONT-342 is a gallery inside DIMASE ARCHITECTS at 342 St Georges Road, North Fitzroy. The idea started in 2015 as a way to activate the shopfront and engage with the local community and people passing by. The initiative has steadily grown in popularity and reach, and we are proud of what we have created.

Today, the gallery includes internal walls of the practice and the shopfront shelf facing St Georges Road. SHOPFRONT-342 is dedicated to The Art of The Built Environment and it co-exists with the architectural practice. We are excited by its potential and in 2021 we will create a stronger online presence, we will improve the lighting, the display systems, the management and the main shopfront itself. If you are an artist, architect, photographer, sculptor, collector, hobbyist or craftsperson you are welcome to contact us about using SHOPFRONT-342 for exhibition purposes. Simply email or call us with your idea. Importantly, your work should bear some relationship to the Built Environment. This can be an explicit relationship or fairly obscure.

SHOPFRONT-342 is a family-friendly space – in fact it began as a way to engage children on their walk to and from school. While we understand that art can be provocative, we draw the line at work that may offend the community.

SHOPFRONT-342 is usually booked out around six months in advance. However, we welcome expressions of interest for future exhibitions. One or two artists can exhibit in the space at any one time, based on the different areas that are available. SHOPFRONT-342 promotes each exhibition online and on social media, using photographs and the exhibitor’s statement and biography. When Covid19 restrictions ease we will return to monthly openings of exhibitions as a way to meet and greet people and promote the work.

If you are interested in finding out more about SHOPFRONT-342, please contact Antony DiMase on 0419 505 608. We will send out a pack that includes information about what we think works and doesn’t work in the available space. DIMASE ARCHITECTS want to encourage and promote artists and craftspeople in SHOPFRONT-342 so that the local community can engage with artwork from many fields. We want to deliver a sustainable artistic programme based on shared interests and values. We are open to new ideas and our only constraint is that the work exhibited has to be of a good standard and we want to get the balance right between architecture practice and gallery experience.