SHOPFRONT-342:- The Art of the Built Environment

Since 2015, SHOPFRONT-342 is a gallery inside DIMASE ARCHITECTS. The idea started as a way to activate the shopfront and engage with the local community and people passing by. The initiative has steadily grown in popularity and reach and we are proud of what we have accidentally created. Today, the gallery includes internal walls of the practice and the shopfront shelf facing St Georges Road.

SHOPFRONT-342 is dedicated to The Art of The Built Environment and it co-exists with the architecture practice of DIMASE ARCHITECTS. We are excited by its potential and in 2021 we will improve the artistic work on display and create a stronger online presence. We will improve the lighting, the display systems, management system and main shopfront itself.

Artists, Architects, Photographers, Sculptors, Collectors, Hobbyists and Craftspeople are welcome to submit their interest to SHOPFRONT-342 for exhibition purposes. Simply email or call us with your idea and thoughts. Importantly, your work should bear some relationship to the Built Environment. This might be by way of photography, craft, sculptures, and drawings – it can be explicit or the relationship might be fairly obscure. As an example we can’t imagine displaying still life or life drawing – but we are open to say pottery or glassware as there is a relationship to the home and craft techniques.

Our interpretation is loose so your work may be representative, abstract or something else. In the past many architects have seen SHOPFRONT-342 as an opportunity to show a different side to their creative spirits and displayed photography, drawings and sculptures. Put simply, we are open to your ideas and thoughts. It just has to be good, interesting and worth being in the public gaze for about 3 weeks. Believe me when I say the community are grateful for the work on display – but they are also our most vocal critics and not shy in telling me their views.

Once you contact us, we will provide you with our guidelines with plans and possible dates for your exhibition. Your Expression of Interest should describe your work and how the work is related to our theme – The Art of the Built Environment. You need to tell us if there are any restrictions on the display of your work and how we correctly attribute your work in promotional material.

To the best of our ability we abide by the guidelines as set out by the National Association for the Visual Arts.

If you are interested in exhibiting at SHOPFRONT-342 we will meet and agree that your work is suitable for the space. We will agree on the number of pieces to be displayed within the space and when you can be scheduled to bump in and bump out. It is important that no exhibition dominates the architecture practice or unduly limits access to light and view to St Georges Road for our employees. Getting the balance between a work space and gallery is really important to the success of both the practice and the artwork.

SHOPFRONT-342 is a family friendly space – in fact SHOPFRONT-342 began as a way to engage school children on their walk to and from school. Whilst we understand art can be provocative we draw the line at work that may offend the community.

SHOPFRONT-342 is usually booked out for around 6 months in advance, however, we welcome expressions of interest for future exhibitions. Exhibition dates are coordinated by Stephen Hennessy – however for ease of programming each exhibition runs for 3 weeks commencing after the first Tuesday of each calendar month. Bump out is usually the third Thursday of each calendar month allowing about one week each month when no exhibition is on display.

Up to 2 artists can exhibit in the space at any one time based on the different areas that are available.

SHOPFRONT-342 promotes each exhibition online, and on social media – using photographs and the artist’s statement and biography. When restrictions ease we will return to monthly openings for each exhibition as a way to meet and greet people and promote the work.

At present the financial model is based on the follow 3 approaches to raise revenue.
The options for raising revenue include the following: -
1. SPONSORSHIP by trade suppliers and local businesses,
2. DONATION by artists and community based on their financial circumstances and desire,
3. ART SALES COMMISSION via an online portal that is being developed and should be ready by the start of 2021.

SHOPFRONT-342 is more of a social enterprise than a commercial entity seeking to profit from art. At this stage the gallery is subsidised by DIMASE ARCHITECTS. In 2021 our aim is that SHOPFRONT-342 meets its running costs which is about $6K per annum. Additional revenue that can be generated is intended to solely expand the artistic and community activities of SHOPFRONT-342.

If you are interested in finding out more contact Antony of 0419 505 608 and we will send out an Information Pack for you to consider. The Information Pack includes plans and notes about what we think works and doesn’t work.

Most importantly for us we want to encourage artists and craftspeople who we can work with and promote. The main aim is to grow SHOPFRONT-342 in such a way that the local and artistic community can engage with artistic work. From our point of view we want to deliver a sustainable artistic programme based on shared interests and values. We are open to ideas and your thoughts and our only constraints is that it has to be good and we want to get the balance right between architecture practice and gallery experience.

Contact us if you feel you can contribute to the success of SHOPFRONT-342.