Podcast: Light: Cities & Architecture

Light: Cities and Architecture is an exploration of architecture and urban design since the invention of electric lighting around the end of the 19th century. The aim of the podcast is to explore how developments in lighting technology have influenced the built environment.

As well we will look at key figures in both lighting design and architecture to understand how electric lighting became an integral part of the built environment.
Over the course of the first season of 6 episodes we unravel how cities, architecture and lighting design has changed and evolved since the introduction of electric lighting.

The podcast is based on individual research by Jackson Stigwood a lighting designer from A Billion Suns and Antony DiMase a practising architect at DiMase Architects.

Hi and welcome to first LC&A podcast presented by Antony DiMase and Jackson Stigwood. In this episode we start at the very beginning and explore the historical relationship between light and architecture. The journey then continues through the introduction of electricity to cities and the commercialization of the incandescent bulb. Moving into the 20th century we discuss various forms of lamp technology and the social impact it has had on cities around the world. We conclude by taking a brief look at what our cities look like today and what they may be like in the future.

Podcast 2 ventures into the birthplace of lighting design. Antony and Jackson discuss three important figures in the history of Lighting Design. Mies Van de Rohe, Philip Johnson and Richard Kelly. With the arrival of glass boxes in the mid 20th Century – lighting faced some new difficulties and challenges. How exactly does one light a glass box reveals the importance of lighting design to solve problems that architects had previously never encountered before. While the work of Mies and Johnson is revered – it is Kelly who is relatively unknown outside of lighting circles – who resolved the detail resolution of lighting space and architecture to create a wholly new discipline of design.

Podcast 3 explores the origins of Christmas lighting. There are many interpretations of how the Christmas tradition evolved, and what most of these versions have in common is that Christmas came about as a way of bringing people together during the coldest & darkest days of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. In this episode Antony and Jackson discuss how the traditions have been adopted by different communities all over the world, the rivalries between neighbours that play out during this time, and how the advent of electricity transformed the celebration into a cacophony of glowing light.