The design process is where a design brief from a client is transformed into a building project. Amongst the many activities the design process involves discussions, ideas, research and negotiations. Some activities are complex, some activities can seem routine and at times the process is messy. However, any building project needs to draw together a range of issues to create a successful outcome for the client. Having a sense of the overall structure of the design process, being able to communicate effectively and being able to step through the “when, where and how” of the sometimes competing issues of a design project is critical.

Experience matters, however the design process is really driven by a commitment to achieve the best overall outcome with the resources that are made available.

Our aim throughout the design process is to maintain relationships with key people and deliver projects that meet the objectives of the design brief. The ideas that are discussed when we first meet a client should be reflected in the discussion at hand over of our projects. Our experience across a broad range of projects means we can often anticipate issues well in advance. We invest time and energy into ideas and research so that the we can deliver positive and innovative outcomes for our clients.

Our resources, our team, our consultants and our connections to the building industry ensure that the design process is supported by the very best we have to offer. We continue to invest into the practice by attending seminars, conferences and inviting suppliers into the office to learn about developments in the industry. We see ourselves as playing a leadership role in the design and build process, keeping our clients in close touch with progress while working closely with external parties to keep things moving and ensure a finished result meets our clients expectations.

Our approach is built around a number of principles.

Listen and Learn
From the outset, we value listening to and understanding our clients’ needs. When we share a mutual understanding, the chances of a great result are vastly improved. But that’s not to say we don’t have our say. We believe that if you are investing in the advice of a professional architectural practice, sound, considered advice is what you should be provided with. We’ll actively discuss how we can achieve your vision while keeping the project costs under control, incorporating consideration of the site (its orientation, its slope, its surroundings) and any likely building regulation implications. As the project progresses we’ll stay in regular contact, listen to any concerns and respond accordingly.

Process Driven
An architectural project will only ever be finished on time and on budget when it is driven by a robust process. Very early in your project we will explain our process, who’s who within our practice and what specific role each person will play, and the way we will communicate with you. We believe that if the client understands the design process 0 for instance when decisions need to be made – then the client is more likely to invest time and energy into the process. This in turn helps to deliver a better outcome and ensure we deliver a design solution that truly reflects our clients aspirations for the project.

Managing External Requirements
The building process is subject to compliance requirements, from town planning applications, sustainability and building permits. The best way to negotiate all these is to have a good understanding of the regulations. We always deal with the regulatory bodies on a professional level while navigating the approvals process to ensure our clients’ interests are not compromised.

Communication and Coordination
Throughout the design process we communicate with key stakeholders. We do not wait to be asked, we prefer to be proactive and set the agenda with our clients and ensure they know the status of their project. We see the process as being a dynamic one – and we stay ahead of the curve by making sure we communicate, and coordinate the flow of information between key stakeholders.

Our strength as an architectural practice is our design process. It drives the practice and it enriches the projects that we deliver on a consistent basis. We communicate regularly and clearly to our clients, builders and consultants so that we are not side tracked on issues that will not assist the overall outcome. We respond to concerns and questions as soon as they arise and we work to ensure that the relationships – especially builders and clients – are maintained throughout the project. Issues are resolved and where needed we provide advice and actions to ensure that the interests of the project is not compromised.