Our designers

Get to know our core designers, Mahshid Karami and Niea Nadya who bring an array of expertise to our office to deliver expressive, efficient and thoughtful building outcomes. They describe their role and the projects they are working on, as well as why architecture matters to them.

Mahshid is our Project Designer who joined us in October 2019. She studied and grew up in Iran and have worked on various projects encompassing architecture and urban design. She is a true creative soul who dabbles in craftsmanship and writing. She has written a few Persian novels and design her own handmade leather bags, and hopes to open her own gallery one day.

Niea has worked with DiMase Architects since 2008 and she oversees everything visual for us. She takes great consideration into client’s needs and is determined to make their ideas a reality through the designs. She is an active member of her community and regularly volunteers her time to teach at her local Islamic school.