On Site: A Collection of Photographs by Matt Irwin

It’s not often that we invite a photographer to a building site and get construction shots beautifully composed and lit properly. Yet that’s exactly what we did – we asked our good friend and photographer mate Matt Irwin to take some shots of our project in Brunswick Street North. What I love about building sites is the life and energy of people working to create a project. The characters always have an interesting view on the world and it’s great seeing bricklayers doing a great job for our clients and us. I love the conversations, the banter, the appalling radio choices and just the whole life that is a building site.

Building sites have changed a lot in the time I’ve been an architect – safety is a much bigger issue and slowly but surely more female tradespeople are on site and filling construction roles. Building sites last for such a short while in the life of a building and yet it is so important to get the construction right.

Tradespeople have got strong views on environmental issues; regulations and architects and I find their views are not necessarily what I expect. They know a lot and it is a resource we like to draw upon. Each building project should be celebrated as someone is investing in the future and making their community a better place. And bricklayers, laborers and electricians are people first and we always appreciate the work they do.

I hope you enjoy these great photos by Matt and I hope we get him back soon to take some more shots for us.