Northcote Project - video

We have partnered up with Build Images to bring you this video of the early stages of our Northcote Project. Our Principal Architect, Antony describes how we designed a comfortable and simple home that is future-proof for our clients.

Our pavilion in the park will become – just that – a building that sits comfortably in its location. It makes the most of its aspect, orientation and materials were chosen for their earthiness and softness. The form is clear, simple and does not disquiet the harmony and peaceful nature of All Nations Park. The landscape design connects the park such there is no clear line between private and public landscape space. And the aim is quite simple. Buildings play a role in connecting people to nature. And that by connecting people to nature we create a synergy and appreciation for nature that means we embody the joy of nature in the way we live as humans in the world and draw life from its beauty. We want to see our buildings flourish as part of the landscape and that its journey as a living breathing place comes from the connection of people to their setting.

Click here to watch the video on our new Vimeo page.