Making it Real

We all know that buildings need builders.
And as architects we are known as having a somewhat difficult relationship with builders.
Truth is architects see the world differently to builders.
And, what we do know is that and a good building project needs the pragmatism of a builder to work with the design sensibility of an architect.
Getting the right builder for each architecture project is critical.
We have been working to choose the right builder that suit our clients’ needs.
For instance, if we know a client really enjoys the heritage details then a builder that is equally passionate for this kind of work is likely to be a good fit for that project.
Price is important but it is not the only consideration when you are making a decision about who should build your project.
At DiMase Architects we have a positive relationship with a number of highly qualified builders and contractors.
These photos by Katya Menshikova celebrate our building mates and shows construction workers at two of our current building sites. The builders featured are from Green Edge Builders and Quinn Constructions.