Loafer Bread - a COVID-19 response

COVID-19 restrictions have changed so much of how we move in and around the built environment. For people working in the hospitality industry owners have had to adapt on the fly – to maintain their livelihoods and ensure their staff and customers safe. At Loafer Bread we barely finished their new fit out project when COVID-19 hit. Restrictions and worries about the well-being of people prompted the owner Andrea to talk to us about a solution that would ensure they could maintain business. In a very short time we came up with a timber and perspex screen that a local handyman built in about a week. Using off the shelf elements like hardwood studs, perspex and plywood panels – we developed a solution that we think works a treat. And more importantly Loafer can continue to trade and feel safe in the knowledge that they have done everything possible to keep their staff and customers safe when buying bread, pastries and coffee.