ISO-9001 Accreditation

In 2018, we completed the Stage 2 Audit of our practice to attain ISO-9001 accreditation. This milestone represents 2 years’ work in the background to align our services to the requirements of this management system. The work was undertaken with the guidance of Jane Bennett from MapWright and and Global Compliance Certification provided the auditing services in what were 2 intensive half day sessions looking at how we work, checking our files, asking lots of questions and checking we measure the outcomes of our work.

Importantly we have not changed the way we provide architectural services – simply refined an existing system to be clearer and more complete. I am very proud of the system we have developed – it is not complex system of manuals and checklists – indeed the Auditor made comment about our system as being both simple and efficient.

It is really just a “Things to Do” list that is tailored and constantly updated to suit each project and each client – so that we can anticipate issues in advance of any issue becoming a problem. It also ensures we learn from any mistakes we make – s that they are never repeated and that we have a series of measures that we see as being important to the work we do. These include client satisfaction, meeting our clients’ budgets and continuing to research and develop our capabilities as an architecture team. It also means our design process is more transparent, more robust, and more flexible.

This is important to me as we run a small practice of 3 employees and we run many projects across different sectors and at different stages at any given time. It does not mean our services will cost more, nor will clients see any real change to the way we do our work. It simply means that the planning and delivery of services will be improved our services will continue to improve and our focus will be on the delivery of architectural projects for the benefit of our clients.

If you would like to know more about how it works – feel free to contact Antony and we can discuss.