Handwritten Architecture

For me, the 30 day challenge of turning architecture into words was a great exercise in communicating my thoughts quickly. Here are some thoughts…

1. Architecture should be:
- legible
- accessible
- functional
- efficient
- compact
- meaningful
- sustainable

2. Architecture should be:
- purposeful
- uncomplicated
- resilient
We do not need to rely on technology. Light, air and timber are sustaining.

3. Great clients = great architecture.
Coffee helps too.

4. I quite like simple buildings. They don’t demand too much. And I can get on with things.

5. My favourite materials:
- light
- timber
- air
Buildings live in a landscape. They are part of an eco-system

6. I can honestly say I’ve learnt more about architecture by reading than anything else.

7. Architecture is not everything. It’s just a building.

8. I believe we should protect the planet & everyone needs a house to live in.

9. My favourite architects:
- Glenn Murcutt
- Carlo Scarpa
- Peter Zumthor
Inspiring stuff!

10. I have a dislike for cars. They take up too much room. Melbourne could become a great bike city.

11. The critic doesn’t get to decide what’s important.

12. Good design is about choosing which problems to solve. Some solutions simply create new problems.

13. Sometimes it’s good not to conform.

14. I like contingency. It gives me room to move.

15. It’s all part of the process!
Give & take
Wins & losses
We love making it happen.

16. Commitment > idea > action > possibilities.

17. Architecture is the exploration of form.

18. Space.

19. A friend described creativity as a feeling. And design as a conversation/exploration with friends and colleagues. I think she’s right.

20. Installing solar panels onto poorly built, leaky and badly insulated homes should be a crime. Build well. And we need less power to run our homes.

21. Architecture is a form of urban renewal.

22. I’ve read many books on business development. It seems to me they all say one thing. Make good decisions and take responsibility for your actions.

23. Visiting a project where the clients have moved in is such a thrill.

24. Explain the problem and I’ll find the solution. Explain the solution and I’ll find a problem.

25. Architecture practice is like being part of the resistance.

26. No Standing. But sitting is ok though.

27. To avoid critics say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.

28. Japan. (Japan is the band I love the mostest. I played the album Gentleman take Polaroids over and over again. Then David Sylvian went from Tin Drum to Brilliant Trees. And I thought WOW. This guy is good! Even though it is music and not architecture. There is something about the feeling of this band I love. And something I want to capture in our work. The atmosphere of self embodied space and richness of slow moving time and imagery.)

29. Narrow Laneways. Seriously. Nowadays we need a sign to state the bleeding obvious. Architecture and urban design needs to be intuitive.

30. So what have I learnt? Architecture is not everything. It is part of a healthy vibrant society that values people and place. Architecture plays an important role in setting the tone, giving parameters and providing a frame work to human activity. When architecture is conceived as a trophy – it fails. It becomes a passing fad or trend. When it finds it’s place – it endures through time and helps define place.