Gallery Curator - Stephen Hennessy

We are pleased to announce Stephen Hennessy as our new gallery curator for our exhibition space, SHOPFRONT-342.

SHOPFRONT-342 has successfully exhibited a wide range of artists in the past five years. Our aim is to continue to showcase a variety of work with a focus on art of the built environment; work which encompasses art and design and production related to the both urban and domestic environments.

As the inaugural curator for the 2021 program, my intention is to assist selected artists and designers to show their work in the best possible way. In the SHOPFRONT-342 gallery context this means that within the limited space we will endeavour to select works to have impact when viewed from the street frontage and ensure that the qualities of the work are communicated clearly.

DiMase Architects are currently planning to upgrade the window and building facade as well as provide improved display systems to suit different media including traditional painting and drawing, graphics, multi-media and installation. We will continue to exhibit 3D objects and sculpture and some product design.

I believe that the gallery style being part of a functioning architects office is a natural and supportive initiative. My biggest challenge is to assist each artist to exhibit a tight grouping of works that represents not everything the artist produces but a powerful and meaningful selection that generates further interest in the artists’ work and any issues it may involve.

Beginning in 2021, we are also reviewing the business side of the gallery. We will continue to offer an open and flexible application and selection process but with the view to generate income from sales of works and other events or products related to the exhibition. This can be negotiated prior to each show. I will work with each artist to develop a compatible financial arrangement that benefits the gallery and artist.

As well as shared social media promotion there will be opportunities to produce limited edition pieces to become part of the exhibition agenda and later be part of the SHOPFRONT-342 collection of works for sale post exhibition.

I look forward to a fruitful collaboration with each artist as we build a strong presence on the North Fitzroy streetscape.


Stephen Hennessy is an artist and designer who works on large-scale architectural projects providing custom designed and made lighting and sculpture, special screens and glassworks. His art practice involves many media including painting, photography, sculpture and video works. He has a long and enduring interest in architecture and urbanism. He has produced many public artworks for corporate and community groups and has exhibited in Australia, Europe and the USA, with works held in major collections including the National Gallery of Victoria.