Covid-19 Response

Here at DiMase Architects, ourselves and our partners are still open for business during this pandemic. However, we are deeply concerned with the increase of COVID-19 cases in our communities. In light of that, we are managing our workplaces responsibly to ensure the health and wellness of our staff members and community. We have implemented a few protocols at work to ensure we reduce the transmission of the virus, such as

1) Rostering our staff on rotation to ensure there are only 2 staff present at the office everyday.

2) Creating a contact sheet of any visitors to the office for contact tracing.

3) We have moved all our meetings online via Zoom to ensure we stay connected with our clients.

4) Each staff member is given a re-usable face mask, proudly designed and produced by our very own, Project Designer, Mahshid Karami. Each staff are required to wear the face masks when participating in site visits, and even indoors when social distancing is unavoidable.

5) Dedicate a sanitizing station at each entry and exit points at our office.

We hope that our clients, builders and community are keeping safe during this time. Please check Department of Health and Human services for the last updates and advice in regards to Covid-19. Together we will be able to help slow the spread of the virus and keep those most vulnerable, safe.