What does the Design Process look like?

The design process is integral to the form of buildings and spaces and it is essential to the creation of architecture. So, what does the design process look like? Where do ideas for buildings and spaces come from? How does the design process itself determine the shape and form of the project.

6 Nov 2017

Standing Still Isn't So Bad

One of the benefits of being stuck in Melbourne’s traffic so often these days is being able to listen to a great variety of podcasts. And one of my favourite podcasts is Big Think which brings together scientists, writers, actors and range of other clever people who discuss a variety of issues.

25 Sep 2017

city skyline

Sustainability & Building

There is a something of a contradiction between sustainability and building. Resources are needed to build a new project – even one that will be sustainable once built. In turn, energy is needed to run a new facility so the by-product of any new project is waste that wasn’t being generated before.

6 Sep 2017

Connecting Nature & Architecture

We reflect on how architecture moderates our need for enclosure and comfort while creating a connection to the natural environment.

25 May 2017

What is Passive House?

An article explaining Passive House in understandable terms, written by certified Passive House Designer Jim Stewart.

21 Dec 2015