Escape the Heat

Recently I passed a billboard on the freeway showing a smiling woman, an air conditioner, and the tag line “Escape the Heat”. She looked cool and ultra happy. Using women to advertise domestic air conditioning systems has been around since the 1950’s. The idea that seems to be promoted is that housework is made less demanding and that housewives could remain cool with air conditioning.

5 Feb 2018

Do Less Better

Recently I listened to a PODCAST that interviewed an architect who fell ill during her architecture studies. Despite her ongoing condition she still managed to run a successful practice and raise a family. To prevent her illness from becoming debilitating she paced herself and developed a work life balance that sustains her well-being and practice.

8 Nov 2017

Elwood House - photo of model showing street facade

What does the Design Process look like?

The design process is integral to the form of buildings and spaces and it is essential to the creation of architecture. So, what does the design process look like? Where do ideas for buildings and spaces come from? How does the design process itself determine the shape and form of the project.

6 Nov 2017

Why Standing Still Isn't So Bad

One of the benefits of being stuck in Melbourne’s traffic so often these days is being able to listen to a great variety of podcasts. And one of my favourite podcasts is Big Think which brings together scientists, writers, actors and range of other clever people who discuss a variety of issues.

25 Sep 2017

Is there a contradiction between sustainability and building?

There is a something of a contradiction between sustainability and building. Resources are needed to build a new project – even one that will be sustainable once built. In turn, energy is needed to run a new facility so the by-product of any new project is waste that wasn’t being generated before.

6 Sep 2017

Things I have learned

After 15 years running a practice I decided to reflect on the things I have learned to be true.

10 Jul 2017

Antony's War on 'Stuff'

Antony discusses the role in which ‘stuff’ plays in cluttering our lives, and whilst we hold close attachments to personalised momento’s of our past, looking towards minimalism encourages an unconstrained freedom for possibilities to emerge in spaces we never imagined.

14 Jun 2017

Connecting Nature & Architecture

We reflect on how architecture moderates our need for enclosure and comfort while creating a connection to the natural environment.

25 May 2017

Gezellig House Illustrated Design with shading

Cost Planning for Projects

Why do we so often hear about project budgets being blown out of the water? Well, Antony discusses the lack of consideration given to Cost Planning early on in the design process and highlights the necessity of effective Cost Planning in any house architecture project, and how to do it.

30 May 2016

North Fitzroy Renovation Extension House Melbourne Architect Di Mase Tiny House

Design More, Consume Less, Live Small

Graduate in the office Katie writes about one of her design passions: compact housing. Small footprint housing can sometimes get a bad rap, so this blog briefly looks at the small housing movement: a positive way to look at designing more, consuming less and living small!

25 Jul 2014

Antony Di Mase Master of Light Student Studying in Brisbane Architect

A Week of Seeing the Light

Antony has just returned from a week away in Brisbane studying his lighting course at QUT. Here he reflects on some of the topics that sparked his interest and imagination.

9 Apr 2014


Architectural Fees

Architectural fees – the often ambiguous side of architecture. How do they come about, what are they based on, and what challenges face the Australian and Melbourne architecture industry in the current climate of fee setting – a very interesting and simple to understand piece by Antony, suitable for both consumers and providers.

6 Mar 2014