• At DIMASE ARCHITECTS we deliver tailored architectural services to meet our clients’ needs, based on their brief, budget, aspirations, location and project type. Antony DiMase started the practice in 2002 with a vision to serve clients’ interests and to continuously improve the practice’s design processes and standards of project delivery. It is now a thoughtful, award-winning and well-organised practice. DIMASE ARCHITECTS has an authentically collegiate workplace culture, as well as a professional and transparent relationship with clients, consultants and suppliers. At the heart of our work is the desire to create high quality, sustainable design solutions. Architecture lives in the spaces we create – it resides in the feeling of places we create for you.

    Our whole approach is to promote the environmental benefit of reducing the carbon footprint of each project. Where possible we will advocate Passive House as the best environmental standard to apply. However, where this standard cannot be applied we will employ Passive Solar Design principles. DIMASE ARCHITECTS advocates the adaptive reuse and renewal of existing buildings. The team members continually undertake professional development activities to improve their understanding of sustainability practice and the built environment. In line with our commitment to Australian Architects Declare, DIMASE ARCHITECTS will become carbon neutral We monitor our environmental footprint using Built Environment Sustainability Scorecard (BESS) tools, and each year we commit to improving our rating.

    DIMASE ARCHITECTS is committed to being a local architectural practice and our project work supports local builders, contractors and suppliers. Our social policy is to make a positive contribution to a more inclusive and equitable community and this commitment is supported and recognised by our B Corporation accreditation.

    We actively support the following initiatives:

    • Australian Architects Declare – participation in climate emergency awareness.
    • Citizens for Melbourne – participation in urban policy advocacy.
    • Shopfront-342 – exhibition space for artists, craftspeople and collectors.

    In addition, we shop locally and support bike riding, car sharing and public transport. We support community activities and we are an active participant in local issues as the need arises.

    “Architecture creates spaces that endure and connect people to place.” – Antony

  • Our people are our most important asset and we have developed a reliable and skilled architecture team who work alongside a group of consultants, builders and suppliers to meet our clients’ needs. We draw on our combined expertise to make our architecture projects a reality. We belong to a community of people who support us, and we return their trust in us by doing the best work we can.

    It is that simple.

  • We aim to build relationships with key people to deliver the objectives of the design brief.

    From the outset, we value listening to and comprehending our clients’ needs. We enjoy the exchange of ideas and viewpoints, and very much understand that great results rely on a mutual understanding of the project.
    We’ll discuss how we can achieve your aspirations while incorporating design considerations of the site and considering any likely regulatory implications.

    Every building process is subject to compliance requirements, from town planning applications to sustainability certification and building permits. The best way to negotiate all these is to have a sound knowledge of the regulations and to consult as early and as broadly as practical.

    The relevant regulatory bodies appreciate the professionalism and rigour DIMASE ARCHITECTS bring to navigating the approvals process, to ensure our clients’ interests are not compromised.

    For DIMASE ARCHITECTS, architecture is the combination of beauty and utility, based on a minimalist, rational and modern aesthetic. We create enduring buildings that connect to the outside through generous, light-filled forms and the careful use of timber, lighting and white spaces. We believe that, wherever possible, we should creatively adapt existing spaces and buildings rather than build anew. We prefer refurbishment and renovation projects that recycle materials and buildings to reduce our impact on community and environment.

    Light, fresh air and the use of durable materials typifies our work, with an uncompromising commitment to the environment

    Meeting the ISO-9001 standard is a long, involved process, which DIMASE ARCHITECTS started by defining the objectives the practice sought to achieve. Continuing professional development, containing cost variations to an acceptable level, and attaining high client satisfaction were amongst the five main objectives Antony set for the practice. This approach is what we aim to provide for our clients and defines what we stand for. Our overarching management process ensures that we can achieve these objectives. We measure our own performance, and this enables us to be more resilient to the increasing demands of practice.

    In 2020 we also became a B-Corp accredited business. We are proud to belong to a community of enterprises that are committed to bringing about change in environmental and social issues. Working to support community and environment is very important to DIMASE ARCHITECTS.

    The team members pull together to make good things happen, and the bottom line is only one part of why we are in business. We meet tangible standards that make a difference to people. If you would like to know more about ISO-9001, B-Corp and other initiatives at DIMASE ARCHITECTS call Antony and he will happily take you through the key aspects.

    Our practice is designed to be accessible to people within our community. We do this through our architecture projects, our social media content and our exhibitions.“ – Antony DiMase

  • DIMASE ARCHITECTS provide architectural services for residential, educational and commercial clients.

    Our work as architects is typically for new buildings, additions, alterations and refurbishment projects, with a construction budget between $350,000 and $1.5 million plus GST. We also undertake smaller projects for the local community and clients. Our approach to services for small projects are specifically tailored to project needs and budget. Our core services are aligned with the 2019 Australian Institute of Architects Client Architect Agreement (CAA2019) for professional architectural services. This agreement defines a well-proven client-architect relationship and fosters an approach to deliver a recognised and coherent service to clients. This provides our clients with an independent reference framework
    for their project and ensures that we deliver architectural services based on industry standards and a commercially viable pricing structure

    Our architectural services include:
    1. Concept Design
    2. Detail Design
    3. Town Planning Applications
    4. Contract Documentation
    5. Contract Negotiations
    6. Contract Administration Services

    These six milestone stages take a project from design concept through to a completed project. Before committing to the design process and agreement, we engage in a pre-design service to look at high-level considerations for all projects. We consider budget, planning issues and the overall concept to ensure each commission can be realised as expected. Our services are underpinned by a signed agreement with each client and our work is governed by the code of conduct as administered by the Architects Registration Board of Victoria.

    Our fee for the first four stages (concept to documentation) is calculated as a percentage of the construction cost budget. The construction cost is estimated by a professional cost planner at the end of stages one and two. Our fee for stages five and six (tender and contract administration) is based on the time needed to complete the project. Before we begin, we put in place a clear client-architect agreement to ensure that our clients agree to and understand the basis of our engagement. All services are outlined in this agreement and conditions, which set out key aspects of the working relationship.Our approach to fees does not change to suit one client over another. No client is compromised in their service provisions and there is equity and fairness for all clients.

    Professional. Transparent. Clear. The way to go!